Jewellery Care Suggestions

  • Wearing your jewellery last will prevent potential damage from cosmetics and perfumes.

  • Avoid contact with water.

  • To prevent damage, tarnishing and oxidation, store your piece in it's original packing.  Alternatively a zip loc pouch may be a convenient option. 

  • Exposing your jewellery to bath or laundry soap, detergents or toothpaste, could leave a thin film of residue on the piece dulling it's appearance. 

  • Make sure your jewellery is not in regular contact with hard surfaces, which will scratch or wear down the plating or enamelling.

  • To preserve shine and restore shine, simply clean the piece with a silver cleaning cloth.

  • Even though our silver is coated with anti tarnish polish, it can wear off over time due to various reasons like regular wear, exposure to high heat or humidity.  To restore its appearance, you can have it re-plated.